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The book, “A Story of a Blind Man”,” is about a man who lost his sight in an automobile accident in Naples Florida in 1998, by a drunk driver. At the time of his accident Mr. Greely was an accomplished photographer and decorative artist along with owning a successful painting and decorating business. This story takes you from Mr. Greely’s terrible auto accident, his life beginning as a blind person, learning to be a blind person, getting a guide dog, the hurdles he had to jump over to be as a normal person as he could possibly be. His move out of Florida to Tennessee and then to Indiana. Where he applied to Indiana University and was accepted and graduated in the top third of his class, with a degree in General Studies. Mr. Greely had sight for 50 years before his accident there was not any or at least very little information on help with blindness. There was a slim possibility that his left eye could be repaired. He went to the renowned eye center at the University of Miami and was seen by 5 of the top eye doctors in the country. He was told if there was 1 chance in a hundred they would take it but there was no hope. They gave Mr. Greely a tiny little booklet with a few phone numbers to call to get help, and sent him on his merry little way! There was just no help out there at the time. This book is for all people but especially blind people and their families or people who know someone who is. In the Appendix, there are a huge amount of pages of resources, with Web Sites, Phone Numbers and links to literally hundreds of sites that a person can get the information and help that Mr. Greely unfortunately did not have that luxury in 1998. The very first resource is worth the price of this book, it is simply amazing. It has saved me more times than I can count, if you don’t have this resource you’re missing out.

a story of a blind man book | William Leslie Greely

William lives in Bloomington, Indiana. He is an incredible guitar player, bluesman, and loving father & grandfather. He enjoys his time writing, reading and spending time with his grand-daughter, Abby.

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a story of a blind man book | William Leslie Greely

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